Friday, February 03, 2006

How does one do it?

Really. And I am not helping.
There are so many books and articles out there. So many publishers and that's just the dead tree stuff. Throw on the blogs (like this and the other one) the electronic copies of journals, papers, and what have you and there is no way on earth that it is humanly possible to keep up with every opinion.
"You should read/ see/ hear this...."
The only answer is to just agree and forget it, because there is no way for you to read the book or see the movie or hear the podcast of every frickin' thing that is recommended to you. I'm trying to finish a book, loaned to me by another parishioner, by the London trip. I won't make it. Duck Soup has been sitting on my table for nearly a month, waiting for me to view it. I have a podcast back up because I left the palm at home. Oh, NPR is for the evening and the wee morning. I am accustomed to simply missing shows on TV.

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