Sunday, January 16, 2005

Shameless flirting

Well I am back to shamelessly flirting with the Swede. I don't consider the Swede boyfriend or even potential husband material as he is much younger than me and seems kind of shallow. But as I have said many times, "Swedes are FUN!"
We had a semi-decent conversation this weekend. I even went to a group outing to be with him, but the way things worked out he sat at a different table and I was with Mike. Mike, I love Mike. Mike is my best friend and if I die, inherits the house, but that night Mike and I had way too much togetherness. The couple across from us mentioned we bickered like an old married couple. We have been mistaken as a married couple and a dating couple. We are not a couple, we are friends, who bicker. I think anyone who knows us know we are not dating.
Anyway, I do worry about the Swede. He seems isolated but maybe that's the shallow end of his life and it doesn't go deeper. I know there are people who adopt him during the holidays so he's not really isolated. Well I think I'll pray for the Swede today.

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